Friday, April 3, 2015

Te amo galan!

February 16, 2015

Bueno......... this was another pretty awesome week out here in lovely Lima, Peru.  It has been really hot lately and I spend most  of the day sweating, but I am doing great!  I feel really happy and we are really working hard so that others can come unto Christ and be baptized.  It's pretty awesome and really makes me happy.  I never really thought I would feel this way about baptisms or the people, or the stuff like that, but I really feel like I am understanding a lot better why we need to be here.  It really is cool and I am learning a lot.  I feel really happy when I get to teach people about our Savior and when they feel truthfulness and progress in the gospel.  He really has done so much for us and for that reason we must just give him our will so that we can be happy and receive blessings and also so that we can receive forgiveness from our sins.  Well I don't have a lot more to say hahaha but I'm doing good and there is no need to worry about me! love you all!

Elder Zundel

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Setting Goals

January 26, 2015


Wow this really was a great week!  We baptized two more people and they are super awesome!  We finished with 4 this month and the Zone finished with 16, passing our goal of 15. Awesome!  awesome! awesome! hahahah I really feel good because we set our goals and then we were able to complete them! I think that that is really important because in our lives we should always have goals so that we can keep progressing and it is really important to show diligence and complete the goal!  This week I was also able to finish the New Testament in Spanish and that also made me happy and I really learned a lot from it!  We really need to study a lot so that we can be prepared in whatever situation we may find ourselves in!  After finishing the New Testament, I really felt the spirit confirm to me that Jesus really did come to this world to die for us. He suffered so that we can have the chance to obtain eternal life!  We have to follow his path so that we may be happy and I really know that this is true!  love you guys! and talk to you next week! 

Elder Zundel 

Feliz Ano Nuevo

January 5, 2015

Wow! So this week has been awesome! We have really just been trying to work
as hard as we can these past few weeks to show the zone how they should work and
everything is really paying off!  I feel awesome and really feel like I am
doing what I need to be doing when I give it my all!  I have also found that
really everything just makes sense when we give it our all and I think that is
when we really learn everything that we need to!  President this week in el
consejo de lideres trained us about how we always need to be diligent and that
missionary work really isn't that complicated, you just gotta get out and do it! 
like dad's words, trabajar trabajar trabajar hahaha but it really is what we have
to do.  We cant get tired of doing good things and even if we meet our goals we
just have to keep going and do more!  I know that this is true and that you guys
can also participate in this back at home!  Just always look for opportunities
to serve and when you find one, just do it! It will make you feel better and
make every one a little bit happier! Anyways, love you guys a bunch! Keep on
keepin on!

Elder Zundel

Feliz Navidad!!

December 22, 2014

Just a few short emails this week from Jake--he did get to call and set up a time to speak with us on Christmas---when Allison answered the phone, he asked her if she wanted to donate money to some relief effort---always the jokester!!

It was so great to hear Jake's voice and you could tell he was at times having a hard time thinking of words in English.  His Spanish is incredible!!  He was very excited to spend his last Christmas in Peru!!

Jennifer Zundel

Love everyone

December 15, 2014

Well, this was another pretty sweet week! Everything is going well!  Transfers are this week, but my companion and I will be together so its pretty cool.  Andy unfortunately didn't go to church, but we are still working with him! We are also working with this family that accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of this month!! They are super cool! its a single mom and her daughter and they are super excited!  We had a really cool lesson with them yesterday with this guy that is just like Matt hhahaha he's hilarious!  It was super cool though!  Also really just a good day yesterday, although we did have some problems in the ward, Really helped me learn that we should never talk bad about anyone and just love everyone.  Especially in this Christmas season that is coming up! anyways, love you guys a bunch, have a great week!

Elder Zundel

It's great seeing the change in people!

December 8, 2014


Well, this week was another good one!  Like I said earlier we got a lot of people to church this week and it was awesome! We are really seeing these people change after they understand the lessons and then they are really putting them in practice and it is really cool! I'm doing good out here, nothing really too crazy going on, we started going to the gym also and it's pretty sweet, there is like this huge guy that is our trainer so its pretty cool.  We are also working with the zone more so we can all have success and had our meeting with President this week and it was pretty cool to help us help others! I also started the Book of Mormon again in Spanish and am pumped and learning a lot! Sorry if this one if short, we are planning a lot of things for tomorrow and also have to do a huge questionaire because elder godoy is going to come.  Anyways, keep up with the good work out there and i am already planning out skype!!!!!!!!! love you guys a bunch! 

Elder Zundel 


December 1, 2014

Well this week has been a pretty solid one! We had a work visit from the assistants and we also had a multi zone conference! It was awesome! Seriously learned so much! It is seriously so cool to listen to President! He is super awesome! I'm doing good, my companion and I are working well and we found some super awesome new people to teach! One guy's name is Andy and he is seriously the man!! He is super excited to learn and his cousin is a member! There really isn't anything too crazy going on just the normal stuff hahah I was studying this week and really liked this part of 2 Nephi.  it is in chapter 2 and in verse 13-14 talks about hows there are things that are acted upon and things that act.  I think this is something very important that we have to learn so that we can really make the decisions that we need to keep progressing.  President talked a lot about repentance this week and how we really need to do that every day and make sure the people really understand this principle.  We just need to choose the most important things in our lives and do them so we can just eat the elephant one bite at a time! shout out to dad there hahahah that's what I have been thinking and doing this week and invite you guys to do the same!  Just make sure your relationship with God is good and everything else will come! love you guys!

Elder Zundel